Thread Gages


Gage Assembly

We have over 50 years experience selling GO, NO-GO fixed limit gages. Taperlock Thread Plugs, Reversible Thread Plugs, Trilock Thread Plugs, Thread Rings, Master Thread Setting Plugs. NPT and NPTF Taper Plugs and Rings. Concentricity Gages, ACME Gages, Buttress Gages, Multiple Starts, Size Range: 000-120 To 15.5" Hard Chrome


Air Gages

Western Gage Corporation

Air Probes and Air Rings for dimensional Air Gaging for internal and external diameters Digital displays and RS-232 serial data outputs for S.P.C. data logging We offer both single and dual master air mandrels.


Pin Gage Sets

Vermont Gage

Vermont Gage manufactures a wide range of CL. ZZ Pin Gage Sets and Pin Gage Library's. Vermont also has the capacity to manufacture to tolerances within 20 millionths, CL. Z, CL. Y, CL. X, CL. XX.


Chamfer Gage

Barcor inc

The Chamfer Gage is a direct reading gage. No Setting, Master (Standard) or look-up chart is required. To "Zero" the gage or check the setting, press the base of the gage against any flat ground surface and adjust the dial to read the "Set To" number stamped on the back.